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01.23.2012 , 08:42 PM | #108
I have found most of the stories I've played so far to be engaging and enjoyable. The Sith Warrior I have played through to level 40 and greatly enjoyed Act 1, and the parts of Act 2 I have seen. The whole Janessa storyline was fantastic, and the ending of Act 1 has ROTJ written all over it. Act 2 revolves nicely around your master setting up BIG PLAYS on the galactic scale, you feel very much like the apprentice to a powerful master(like you should) and also begin to feel that perhaps you should step out on your own...The whole thing gives you the right level of Star Wars+dragonball z+something something dark side I would expect and desire from it.

The Jedi Knight storyline is the polar opposite. Go here: save the galaxy. Go here: save the galaxy. It's good, and the Kira side story is great. You definitely feel like Obi Wan. Although sometimes being the good guy actually means FALLING FOR BLATANTLY OBVIOUS TRICKS AND DECEPTIONS. There were a few moments where I was pissed that the light side option basically meant "take this obviously lying cheating scumbag at his word. and close your eyes for 15 seconds. he promises he wont escape".

Sith Inquisitor up through level 20something has been fun. Zash is neat, It's tough figuring out how I want to play him though. So far it's been dark side with a soft spot for slaves.