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So i've noticed a phrase come up over an over in this thread: "If you go ls/ds"

As of now, LS and DS are completely useless. All you get is some ok gear, a mount, and a pet. I played through the JK story as LS because that's what my paladin/obi wan like character would have done. I made DS decisions like choosing the romance with Kira because i think it's BS that a good honest Jedi can't love somebody, but that's another story.

I was playing through my Trooper and i was on Taris. Dorne, the healer you get, came on holo and told me the imp officer i had at gun point was a monster. She's a by the book kind of person and explain that it would be best to kill him. Now, i was going to hit LS and let him live, when i realized that's not what I would have done; that's what an indoctrinated robot would have done. My Trooper stands up to General Garza's bs because it isn't right to kill civis, it isn't right to use genocidal tech from the imps to kill our enemies, and it isn't right to lie to people who are laying their lives on the line to help me when they don't have to.

So I shot the jerk in the face, and with that single shot, i stopped caring about LS/DS.

I started playing the story for me and my character, and that's what everybody needs to do.
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