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Well, I'll put it this way... I'm seriously considering rolling a second agent JUST so I can make different choices at the end of Chapter 1.
That's what I thought was great about the Agent storyline that isn't present in the others that I've seen; you can play it several ways and it actually feels right no matter what tack you take.

You can be a loyal servant of the Emperor and the Sith, a loyal citizen of the Empire who doesn't like the Sith and undermines them whenever he can, a cruel bastard, etc. You can have respectful relations with your superior officers and combative with the Sith, or you can be *** to your superior officers and servile to Sith, or both, or neither, and it works.

Jedi feel like they have the option of "Standard Jedi" and "Jedi who missed his coffee this morning". Most of the other classes I've played feel the same way. I think it's because most are based on thoroughly established archetypes in Star Wars, where the agent is more of a clean slate.