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01.23.2012 , 03:27 PM | #116
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Ok, time to craft, but not gathering missions?

I can provide screen shots, I hit "n", I click on the Archaeology "button" on my first companion, Vette, and all 4 or 5 missions have a certain time for each one. I click on the drop down to select a different companion, and they are all the exact same.

I haven't looked at crafting, because I don't have anyone with a + eff to a crafting skill that I have.

I can provide screen shots if what I'm experiencing is a bug or not.

Ok, so, I see the issue is just the fact that the "mission time" displayed when you choose the companion and mission doesn't reflect the actual mission time required.

So, should I submit I bug report for this? After all, the times are supposed to align.