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While I agree that this is pretty much par for the course in MMOs, Iíd also suggest that the TOR devs did things differently in designing their classes. Most MMOs stick strictly to the trinity of heals/tank/dps. Even STO designed their starships in this format. In the Art and Making of the Old Republic, the devs say they decided to not necessarily design the classes around the trinity, but just on what they felt a particular class would play like.

It is this point that I believe frustrates MMOíers, who are much more accustomed to finding the tank class, or the healer class, or the dps class. You wonít find them in TOR; only classes that lean in certain directions more than others. I find this quite engaging, as party gameplay becomes more varied and different than, okay Mr. tank, go do your thing. Healer, go heal him. DPS, spam the same two or three attacks. Rinse, repeat. Yawn. Fights arenít as predictable and often you have to think on your toes.

Instead of working with what they have, players just complain because itís different from WoW, LOTRO, Rift, etc.