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EU lore aside...

Classic "Star Wars" depictions of the Light and Dark sides have been in context of a single culture... Or more specifically, a large government (Republic then Empire) and a dissenting internal faction (Seperatists then Rebel Alliance).

However, in SWtOR, we have a Sith Empire and Jedi-backed Republic as differing concurrent entities. Birth to death for the average non-Force-using citizen in either group may not involve adherence to the Jedi or Sith codes, but they will be impacted by them in how their cultures have embraced (or been embraced) by their respective Force-user orders.

To put it another way: In context of role play, a Jedi at Dark 1 and a Sith at Dark 1 need not be seen as moral equivilents due to the leanings of the culture they were raised in.

Some examples: While it would be natural to see the crew of Serenity (of "Firefly") as the Smuggler class over in the Republic, let's look at them in context of the Sith Empire...
When Mal and the gang are outside of Alliance control, they live in a cut-throat world of dangerous opprotunists. Mal, himself, is a pragmatic killer... When the situation calls for it.
While his life would be easier if he put his morals aside, he is dedicated to a fair and honorable path dangerous crime ("If I ever kill you, you'll be awake. You'll be facing me, and you'll be armed").
In context of the Republic, Mal might lean Dark, in context of the Empire he might lean Light... For the exact same lifestyle.