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Why do you need master loot if you are running with guild members? Set it to Need/Greed. Establish loot rules. Need for gear you are going to use for your character, Greed for companions. If you don't need a thing, then pass on the damn gear. It's not rocket science....get your head out of your asses and learn this isn't WoW. If you are pugging operations, then you must be doing it with friends...because most people aren't even lvl 50 yet on most servers. Most servers have 6 or less lvl 50's on them...Are you people really that stupid and naive?
Wait what!

"Most servers have 6 or less lvl 50's on them"

I dont know which servers you are talking about my friend but nowadays people have multiple 50s to run raids let alone few 50s on entire server.

BTW do you even know what OP is talking about lol