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There's no reason whatsoever that Resolve should not be affected by Roots.

I don't think being in Cover should negate Force Leap either. Both together is too much. Add in snares and stuns and it's troubling that the current mechanics have lasted this long.

If ranged classes can be immune to melee's gap closers than why doesn't melee have some form of root/stun/snare immunity other than Resolve?
quick question does that "shield" that snipers/gunslingers put down prevent force leap?? if so that would be annoying, as a scoundrel i NEVER use cover (we only have the 2 baseline smuggler abilities that require it), but i tried it a few times seeing how it affects force leap (which drives me crazy btw that leap has like a 30m range doesn't it? i swear sometimes it seems like they JUST come into view then WHAM they are on top of me