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Increasing Resolve on roots wouldn't make Stuns more powerful, it would make them less effective and cut down on some of the excessive CC in PvP.

Ah your much more informed than me on stuff thank ya for the info ,

The reason i said/implied it might make it more powerful is if roots are constantly resetting the resolve, your resolve will be active/drained much more often, i am ALWAYS watching someone's resolve to see if it is full/empty, so i know if i wanna use my 7second mez or my 3second stun, i also sometimes (if it is 1v1) use my stealth mez to make em burn their CC breaker then wait till the resolve is empty again then stun them. If they are almost full i usually use my 7second mez, watch em break it because their resolve is full and they figure now is the best time to use the CC break, i then just run around while resolve empties etc etc..

If i could use my root to reset/fill up resolve i might be able to use that in situations to reset people's resolve so my 7second mez or 3second stun would last full time (if they had no CC breaker up)

dunno would be interesting to play with root's causing more resolve, just to see the difference if it helped or hurt things.

on a side note, in warzones i honestly usually get killed my melee's 2nd most often, with sith sorcs being #1killer, bh/mercs being 3nd and finally smugglers/IA's being 4th. I think this is because i am a scoundrel though and my defense sucks, yet i have to be "up close" to do damage

i could see commando's/vanguards and bh/mercs driving melee tanks NUTS with roots and kiting