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This is either a troll or someone with some very deep seeded pshycological issues.. Projectionism, denial, and worst of all naivety.

Or he or she is around 13 years for age and will understand things better in time.
or mayby people should just behave and not blame people for not watching a decent series with a far to blown up ego tripping fans that should just learn to be nice and instead of just verbally attacking people..should explain why the frag they like the series.

I can list atleast 10 things about the originally series that i utterly despise..

Like how laia killed Jabba, then luke blew up the ship..filled with slaves and innocents and noone even mentions this fact, utter destruction for no apparent most of the foes where allready dead...the heroes are EVIL.

or speaking of only 3 (mothma, laia and aunt baru) women in the entire holy triology is not strippers or entertainers..