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01.23.2012 , 12:48 PM | #6
Yeah, his class quests seem to have more bonuses than mine, which add up. We have done a bit of space combat together, but I guess he could have got a bit more XP from those as I didn't manage to get the bonus objectives. It's become really noticable since the start of act 2 though.

At the moment it amounts to about half a level, but if it gets really extreme I guess I can just PvP to catch up a bit.

With regards to companions, he has done 1 side mission for vette, but I feel like that doesn't explain a 100k difference in XP. I have spoken to some of mine, and got some XP that way, but I haven't done any side missions and Khem val seems to be a bit bugged (I have the most affection with him).