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I just want roots affected by resolve. Heck my class in its shared tree has a 2 second root on a 9 second cd with 30m range. No one at all should ever ever ever be able to control anyone's movement 20% of the time before counting other CCs like snare (fine with it not being resolved), stun, kb, kd, without it affecting resolve.

Also to the person 2 above me sins have ways to get out of roots that's true once every 20 (if specced) or 30 seconds and only available to tanksin. All sins attacks are within 10m except the madness top tier ability our own stupidly overpowered root or once every 2 mins we can make our force lightning reach 30m plus all our non immidately melee range attacks have cds on them. Saying roots aren't a big deal for sins/shadows is wrong.
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