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I think I agree with each and every point that OP posted. Well thought out.

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Even rift had a hard raid instance and 3 weeks later made another raid instance just as hard. None of it was cleared the first week or two and only the hardcore guilds, 5 days a week raiding, were clearing the content at a steady pace. I use rift as an example because it was the most recent MMO launch.
No matter how much people hate Rift, I have to say that it was a well polished game at launch. Their bug fixes were hourly (i know because i was there) and the devs were responding to each and every issue very quickly. I did get bored and I stopped playing but I will say I was impressed.

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I hate the argument, the game just came out, because it is 2012. Companies know what we as consumers want and they need to deliver. Instead of scamming us and being held up by people saying it will get better.

The first raids were easy and bugged, wait till 1.1.. 1.1 came out finished in one night. It was in development for almost a year.

I agree 100% with you on this. Why should we even compare SWTOR with WOW or any other game. Why cant BW set some standards for other MMO rather than giving us an excuse that it took WOW for so many years to perfect so we will also take our sweet time.