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I haven't played through all the class quests yet, but I've played through a couple, and I duo with my roommate so I've seen a couple more through her characters, and I'd rate them from best (top) to worst (bottom):

Imperial Agent - One of the things that really stands out for this is that there's a LOT of leeway on how you present your character in the situation. Are you a reckless, conniving backstabber? A professional who is 100% loyal to the ideal of the Empire? A monster for the sake of others? Someone who sees the Empire as something better than it is? The tension between your agency and the Sith is also very interesting, especially for me since I enjoyed flipping the bird to the full-of-themselves Sith whenever I had the chance.

Jedi Consular - While not as flexible, story-wise, as the IA story, it was at nearly as intriguing. I like the idea of a more diplomatic Jedi, which I played through as best as I could. There were a lot of "saber SMASH" options through the story, but the most interesting ones seemed to come from where you had the chance to talk your way through things. It also was a great deal of fun being able to root out things better left unlearned (in the eyes of some), and dealing with that.

Sith Sorcerer - Pretty well neck and neck with Consular, maybe a bit below simply because there were way too many times your character or your superiors were forced to do/say ridiculously stupid things to keep the ball rolling. The political intrigue of the Sith played out pretty well here, without devolving into Sunday Cartoon Goatee Villain Time.

Smuggler - Only beneath the two above because the poor Smuggler was made to look like an idiot way too often. The story arc overall was interesting and you get fair chances to play through the three basic types I think everyone wanted (Serenity captain wannabe, credits-are-all-I-love freelancer, or cruel criminal). But seriously, how many times did a cutscene go right to "walk into area catiously and THEN OH GOD IT'S A TRAP! GRENADE, HIT THE DECK!" Really. It's like all the grenades in the known galaxy have a singular vendetta against you.

Trooper - This low because I agree with a previous poster: The first chapter was very good, and then it slowly dwindled in the sense it just got less and less interesting. At least one of your companions (I think everyone who has played it knows who I mean) makes zero sense as he's not even the "good soldier but a bit of a loose cannon" type. He's more the "why does anyone think he'll follow orders ever, and why is he actually following my orders" type.

Jedi Knight - Really excellent at making the Jedi Order overall look wildly incompetent. I had hoped it got better over time but nope. The times your character actually feels like a galaxy-class hero and not a confused, bumbling day-one hire are pretty rare.