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I find it amusing that the wookie nearly wets himself with negative affection anytime you mention wanting to fight or kill a Sith.
This is what I absolutely HATED with the Smuggler story. The Jedi and Sith characters you'd run across were extremely patronizing and condescending. I'd be running around taking out entire armies and a single Jedi would come in and be like, "You shouldn't be here. You're only a Smuggler. You'll get hurt. I'm a Jedi and clearly superior"

My Bounty Hunter, on the other hand... everyone, including some Sith, treated him like a walking battalion. It's nice to get a bit of respect.

Also another weird thing. Satele is also very patronizing to Republic players, while Malgus is a lot more respectful of my accomplishments. Made me like doing errands for Malgus a lot more than I did for Satele, even though I was Light aligned. Lol.