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Maybe its just me..But I've noticed a rise in ERP. It seems to be effecting the forums more then the servers but, odds are, at this very moment, this post is going to be surrounded by ERP topics....Some on top..Some on bottom....Its getting very, very hard...To enjoy the forums with it.

Yes, I know this is a community forum. and yes, I know its their right to do it if they want..In private at least. I've never had a problem with people ERPing. I have a problem with people doing it in public. Or even advertising it in public. I, personally, wouldn't have a single problem if BIOWARE set up an ERP sub-section of the forums, and everyone in game did it in guild(if they allow), party(if everyone else is okay with it), or private(if consensual) chat.
WoW has Night Elves/Blood Elves.

Star Wars has Twi'lek, easy. People are excited by pixilated characters.