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It's cliche but it does turn you into the top 10 most powerful jedi of all time.
The battle itself sucks and the dialog before the battle is forgettable. Not to mention the nasty surprise you get just before that battle where they take any choice out of your hands (make sure you research the last mission before you go on it, or you will be sorry).

Up to that point its a string of almost identical quests with all the subtlety of a mac truck. By the time I got to Corelia I just wanted the thing to be over, and Corelia is a never ending series of grinding fetch quests.

There are no interesting choices. At no point do you feel like anything you are doing has any consequence to the progression of the plot. The entire story is completely linear and predictable.

At one point in the story you actually have a forced failure. This is almost a sin in game story line as far as I am concerned. And the story part of the forced failure is the most awkward moment in the entire line. I suppose if you were playing dark sided that part might have some meaning, but if you are light sided the entire sequence is just kind of glossed over.
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