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Actually, as Darth Occulus you are 'Darth to trample'.

Now if you were Darth Oculus you'd be 'Darth Eye'.

Spelling errors in Latin can make a hell of a difference!

Yeah, but Darth Eyeball was the first funny that came to mind in going 'Wat?' at it.

Wasn't a bad thing. SW canon traditionally names Darths in distorted evilbad fashions directly derivate of RL words and connotations. Darth Vader, Dark Father? I might be seeing a faintly hazed correlation where none was implied, but I suspect it was implied.

If its intended as such, it's actually kinda clever on the psychological note. Phonetic similes can carry an abstract implication without subscribing to a literal, specific reference or derivation.

Darth Vader as an example again only makes sense as a phonetic simile when you know the story and can go "Hmm. Sounds an awful lot like Darth Father. He really was that; did Lucas intend for that to be an 'Aha!' in retrospect, or am I just making up correlations to perceive here?"

Darth Nihilus, Darth Ravage, Darth Bane, Darth Maul, Darth Sidious (insidious?), Darth Revan (raven?), Darth Nox/Occlus/Imperious (latin in a galaxy far, far away and long, long ago?).

Pretty plain that naming conventions with Sith are blatant appeals to the phonetic correlation in some cases at least, with lots of wiggle room to mistakenly assume that a cigar is more than a cigar on yet others (such as might be the case with Vader).

The mere fact that it engages the curiosity sells it though. Good stuff.