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Consular is one of the worst, without ANY question of shadow of doubt.

It's not even about whether I like "that" kind of story or if those "type" of companions are right for me, it's that the story is literally written very very poorly.

Let me give an easy example (without giving anything away): at the start, you eventually get to a point where you must "urgently" do something. Now, the only reason we know it's "urgent" is because someone had to flat out tell us, as opposed to good story telling, that would set up the dialogue, events, and characters in such a way that WE would FEEL that this was urgent, not because someone just said so.

It's all about characterization. There is NONE of it in first part of the consular story, zero. So you have no empathy or emotions, one way or the other, about ANYONE in your story.

Such a simple story device was completely left out and replaced with "cause we said so", it's pathetic.
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