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How? There's a GCD.

I rolled rep, soon as I got on the server I saw little kiddies saying things with LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL at the end of everything, the word noob being spammed and basic kiddicrap within 2 minutes of being in the game for the first time. Not one person, but the chat was flooded with it.

I thought sod this, if this factions going to be full with little brats like this, I expect all they will do is whine all day.

I rerolled emp and man, what a difference. Polite people directing others where to go, helpful people and a decent chat.

My first warzone, I see rep kiddies spitting on others all over. Not seen it once from Emp.

Come to the forums, what do I see? Rep whining over silly little things. I guarantee there's stuff on emp where their in the same boat, but they decide to get on with the game rather than throw their toys out the pram and cry.

If there wasn't such a thing as GCDs, server delay, client delay and what not, then there might be an issue. If you wasn't so biased and thought everything revolved around you and how it's "only" your side that has certain issues, then there might be an issue. But thankfully, both aren't the case so there isn't. Period. Nuff said.
you aren't really the only one guilty of this but it does set of an alarm:

if you use the word "kiddie" a lot it does not make you look mature. i know a lot of people seem to think it does, but that isn't true. similarly: telling people to "get a job" or derivatives of it.

in fact, being negative at other people in this type of over-the-top way is kind of awful. there are ways to be negative/dismissive without making yourself look like ****, but this type of approach isn't it.