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01.23.2012 , 10:54 AM | #5
I was confused as heck about the resolve/CC issue until i read this post...

helped me understand a ton when i should/shouldn't use cc breaker..

As for roots not affecting resolve, i THINK that is intended (according to that post pretty much, that seems like how it should be) biggest problem ATM with CC is EVERYONE has it most of the time in warzones i have no CLUE who CCed me, sometimes not even sure if it is a stun, a knockdown or a root even!

roots are an issue i understand for melee's and i know so little about them in this game (having not played a melee one), but out of curiosity how many roots do melee's have and how fast is the cooldown for your "gap closer skill"??

Only time i really get annoyed with being rooted is when i get hit by i think it is sith juggernaughts/jedi guardians who have the leap that does a knock back and does a 100% root, also the sith sorcs lightening attack as long as that is hitting me it seems like it does a 50%+ root to me as well.

The resolve bar is a "interesting" concept, and i see why they did it instead of diminishing returns for stuns/cc's and that is simply because everyone has at least ONE stun, and ONE root, if not multiple of each....

I do have some experience with roots though, being a sawbones smuggler, about 2/3 of my attacks (in fact all but 2) have a range of like 4-5meters (melee distance in other words) and the thing i learned that helped a ton in warzones (and PvP in ilum) is use my own 40% root attack if they start to flee, because i am normally being rooted by someone else randomly, but i never use that attack unless i notice the person breaking away from me due to my own character being rooted...

personal opinion though i kinda like resolve not being hurt by roots, i think it might get "reset" too often if roots filled it up too, that might inadvertently make stuns more powerful by making everyone's resolve bar be constantly filling up and emptying.