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01.23.2012 , 10:21 AM | #9
For your information, I'm a Scoundrel Healer in mostly Champ gear. NOT a scrapper.

Yes i've spec'd scrapper and it is very fun.

Yes ive gotten raged on by IA's. Yes I've also been able to stand there and laugh as a IA tries to burst me down as i out heal his attempts while my team mates mangle the IA into small bits.

Yes i learned how to play.

Yes i learned how to slap stick dmg a stealther out of camo.

Yes i also pay for a faster internet connection because i like to game and i dont mind paying to have a faster connection.

No its not how I wish the class was meant to be played - Saw bones -> healer. Scrapper -> BURST dmg killer. Dirty Fighting -> sustained DoT dps

Come on now. the game hasnt even been out long enough for nerfs. they need to fix PvE boss drops and mechanic bugs.. not class mechanics that work just fine.

if you dont like being stun locked, reserve your get out of jail free card for IA/SC attacks only. thats why its there. play with friends who watch your back. both IA and DC have VERY distinct looks. watch for them.

this isnt afternoon special with mr rogers.. its PVP. you get killed.. a lot.