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01.23.2012 , 10:02 AM | #4
Ah, it's good to see that every MMO's forums turn into the WoW forums.

When a class or spec is genuinely broken everyone in the world can see it except the people who play the class, who come out in droves telling people to learn how to play, or to go get gear, or something else before they complain

The most hilarious thing is that because these people clearly never learned how to play nor did they have to actually get gear. Why? Because they are playing a broken class/spec. Who needs to learn a class or get gear when they can bang their head on their keyboard and get kills without taking one point of damage?

If you actually knew how to play your class you would see how broken SC/OP is and this thread would not even exist.

As a note, you inspired me to go watch World of Roguecraft again. So I have to give you kudos for that, but then you just look all the more foolish.

Edit: Back to Street Fighter!
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