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01.23.2012 , 09:52 AM | #1
The forums really need another thread from Operative/Smuggler players who think a very needed damage nerf is the end of the game and world, but what about other aspects of the game?

It seems like there are way too many CC abilities that either don't give any Resolve or barely fill Resolve up.

Roots are horrible on melee. CC in general is, but Roots need to increase Resolve a good bit and I don't think that they currently raise Resolve by much, if at all.

Are some abilities ignoring Resolve or is Resolve not working as intended?

It feels like it currently is not.

When you couple that with the escapes and mitigation that ranged classes have it really highlights the ranged vs melee issues that every game seems to suffer from.

Shouldn't the Resolve mechanics and the amount of Resolve CC gives be a priority insofar as PvP balance is concerned?

P.S. Don't use my post to try to "prove" that Operative/Smuggler nerf isn't necessary because it is.