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How much did you pay to get EGA? lol I paid $0 to get EGA, it's just a bonus with my pre-order. I'll be getting exactly what I paid for, a game. Good luck in the future to you.

In the case of the OP, I'm sure it's just an issue or oversight. If you redeemed your code when you say you did, I'm sure a CS rep will eventually help you, even if it may be to late for your liking.
I paid $400 on 7/21 if it weren't for ega then I would have paid 400 on 12/20. Simple fact that they've had my money for 5 months constitutes a value to the ega, it is the diiference beteween 400 on 7/21 and 400 on 12/20. Please don't try that argument it is aslo invalid.