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I agree with you totally !
they can't handle support or business better then this crap and per-order early accesses agreements too !
then I say cancel and don't play it at all its a small ammount in their pockets being lost !
but not a major lose for them.
but it's a start any way !
I seen to many post so far of gamers not getting what they paid for so far.
and it's making me dislike BW and swtor all together besides the fact of false info' on early access crap and BS and slander and harrassment from the community on here cause you have a more open eye of view on things and suggestion that could make the game even better and better business for BW.
so far I am sick of it all and stressed out over this early accesses crap that which I paid for and won't probably get in till the 19th.
so that to me is not worth it.
I think their just playing games with their bread and butter customers and now starting to really lose them cause their head games crap and false sales prep' for early accesses.
I haven't seen anything being falsely advertised. Leading up to Early Access, they've always stated "up to 5 days". They haven't even hit that mark yet, and thousands of people are already playing. They've always stated that Early Access would be based on when pre-order codes were redeemed, again indicating that not everyone would be in the door at zero hour.

Your pre-order did grant you Early Access, and as long as you get into the game before Dec 20, you receive your Early Access.