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Except that a few planets don't even have Tanking mods, and some have them at several levels lower than other mods that are available on the same planet.

Not being able to upgrade my own gear for leveling is frustrating. It's even worse when I can gear up everyone else EXCEPT myself.
True, but what i found was I just used the dps armoring and mods until i could buy the guardian armoring(around level 25). I think at lvlish 300 cybertech and lvl 30 something you can finally craft your own guardian armoring.

The mods i just used DPS ones, it did help i had an artificer and synth weaver who filled my offslots with def/shild gear/enhancements, while i provided them with mods and armoring, and earpieces. My view was if i have enough HP and DPS to kill it before it kills me, then it's fine for leveling. When i hit 50 i used the belsavas coms and the correlia coms to buy the blue tanking mods from the vendor on the fleet. And then it was off to Belsavas for the dailies.

At lvl 50 as a Immortal Jugg having to do dailies to get the tanking mods is annoying. But 9 days later i had all the tanking mods i will need and when i replace gear, i'll just pull the mod out(20k credits to remove) and put it the new piece of gear(if it's modable)

is it a glaring oversight? Yes
is it annoying? Yes
Can you make do while leveling with dps mods and armoring? Absolutely, again this isnt bioware should ignore this, it's just make do with what ya got for the time being while we grouse about it on the forums.

keep your shield generator up to your level(+-5lvls) with a blue or a purple, and make sure to keep your guardian hilt up to date(+-5lvls), and your LS crystal as the max stam you can, and level with other guildies(it'll make your life easier)
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