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12.13.2011 , 09:15 AM | #15
Ask before the FP starts and make sure its ok with everyone else?

I'm torn really, because on one hand, your companion won't be with you for anything but solo content for the most part, so player characters should have priority over gear. However, if I'm a healer and my companion is the one doing a lot of the actual fighting, for me to be able to actual do solo content, my companions gear needs to be up to par.

Plus, what's to stop people from lying about what they're going to do?

I'll simply ask if it's OK, then go with the flow, and if other people start doing it, I will too. Nothing worse than someone in your group throwing a hissy fit and performing badly. Remember no dungeon finder here so remaking your FP group COULD be a real pain in the *** if you piss someone off or kick them.