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There aren't any "mods" in the game built specifically for tanking stats. They all have power on them and only increase the class-specific base stats AND endurance. There are, as of right now plenty of tank modifications (Not "mods") in this game but you don't see them until at least 30.
How do these statements go together? Well, they don't. There are tanking modifications indeed, but none of them can be crafted.

Crafting mods are also on par with planet commendation mods of the same level so that argument is moot as well.
Doesn't help, though, if there are no modifications with tanking stats. As in +Defense or +Shield.

And finally the whole RE to make different types of items doesn't work as a "RE this three times, get three different blue recipes" and instead requires a specific green to be RE'd. On the mods that actually do anything to your secondary stats for your role, they always come out the same so building greens to RE after the first blue is learned becomes pointless. A tanking item will turn into a Redoubt blue item then into the purple equivalent to Redoubt (Veracity at 50). Again, the Redoubt, critical, etc items come from items that already have the specific stats on them for that role. Proof is in the game itself, go do it.
Now this is complete nonsense. There is no "redoubt" with mods. There are only better stats. So if you don't have tanking stats on the base green modification, you will never get it after RE'ing.

If you have no clue, trying to be less patronizing will be nice.

Misinformation is strong with these people.
You are the misinformer. Because all you said was plain wrong.

As of now, if you want tanking equipment, you will not get it from Cybertech, but from Armormechs and Synthweavers only (and from Enhancements and Augments). This is the current state of affairs. Which is fine with me, so Armormech and Synthweaving have a nice niche for them.