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OK almost 100% LOL forgot about that. He was a noon scrub of a Jedi. But the point of that is the BH with a PISTOL was able to get him with a pistol not a rifle. Which is why I see that Bioware chose them. I don't agree with I just don't feel like a tank with one. Just feels odd that we don't have a hidden or wrist mounted one for powertech at least. Just holding a single pistol is odd and doesn't fell natural to me for a prolonged fight.

It's like fear my little pistol and attack me and not the long light saber that can melt blast proof doors and cut men in half. Or that big *** sniper rifle that can kill with one shot. I mean I understand for balance and can see the iconic scenes from the movies.

Now then scene from the movies I was thinking was obi wan and qui-gon vs the droids. You know jedis they used to base the classes. Not some random Jedi that dies. But that is just my opinion.