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THere seems to be some misunderstanding about crit bonuses. I'm an artificer (250) at this point.

Nobody in my crew has a crit bonus. BUT I have had Cedrax crit on focii (focusses), generators (offhand items) that are artifact and allow augments.

So just because you don't have a crew member with the actual crit bonus, doesn't mean it can't happen. It does. I suppose it's utterly random.

It usually happens if requesting a blue item, and then you'll get an "overkill" or whatever, and then he'll turn out a superior with a augment slot. Matter of fact,the ship droid critted once on a generator as well, and he has no bonuses.

So it is not impossible or unheard of, to crit in Artificing. I sold my superior items at the GTN so I don't have screenshot proof, but I was as surprised as anyone it happened.
I think you misunderstood what I was saying.

Crit bonus is just that -- a bonus. I don't recall where I said that companions do not get an innate chance to crit. If I am not mistaken, increased affection even increases critical chance.

Artifice can crit on offhand items, and I imagine cybertech can critical on droid parts. But the majority of items made by these crew skills (item modifications, etc) can't crit, making crit bonuses much less useful on them and thus, why they do not have any companions that have critical bonuses for them.