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So I registered 8 hours after the announcement, I have paid in full for 2 collectors editiond and 2 standards. This is over 400 dollars that I have spent in games alone. (Xmas presents) However bioware has decided in their infinite wisdom to reneg on their portion of the agreement. My guild was not imported, I have received no early acccess. I have been trying for over a week at this point to get an answer from customer support and make them aware of the issue. However they ignored me, and now well I'm just tired of it, so here ya go bioware/ea. You lost 400 in sales, and at least 8 months of subs, but probably more. Not to mention since the guild wasn't imported I have some guild members who are no longer interested since they've seen how this stuff is handled.

Btw reddit/gaming forums/ign anywhere I can post about this I will.

Question sorry, did you put in all 4 pre-order codes then for your games? You never mentioned that, that could ultimately be why you didn't get Early Access as of yet.