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Also, there is no need to simply increase the size of your text to make it look better, lol.
That would be for readability not to "make it look" I use an iPad for reading these forums and I bet I'm not the only one who uses a small screen--It helps.

Also, you are dead wrong on the issue of Khem. He is not all there is. A LOT of your leveling is better with a dps companion, such as Andronikus.
A DPS sorcerer doesn't need a DPS companion. A Corruption sorcerer does. And if I were to use a DPS companion for killing trash quickly while soloing, I'd take Ashara with dual lightsabres over Andronikus any day. A healer companion with a healer build would also "work" but I neither have the patience to do that nor the need to go DPS + DPS.

A DPS class like the sorcerer who can also do some nice healing on the side is made to use a tank companion.

When fighting against packs of normal mobs, he is perfectly viable. Also completely ignoring your dps companions is silly. There is simply no reason why you can't gear them up without spending a lot of credits. It is amazing sometimes what you can get from the comendation vendors when you find yourself not needing the gear yourself.
There is gearing and then there is gearing them right. Having been 50 for a while, all of mine have good sets of epics now from HM drops and dailies. While leveling to 50--which is the purpose of this guide--there's no way you'll be able to keep them all in same-level mods and epics but you can easily do that for one...Khem.

Unless you're skipping content and always questing in planets at your level or below, the commendations from the planet you're on are not the best gear for either you or the companions. That will only be the case in the first 3 planets but if you do any PVP, FPs or even Space Combat, you'll quickly outlevel the planet quest content and the mods and gear you get as drops or from commendations will be 4 or 5 levels less than you need.

Yeah you can gear all your companions with that stuff but that isn't even remotely close to gearing well.

I have gotten to 50 myself and helped other people level up.
Like I said at the top, there's a whole lot of ways to do it. Maybe you want to do a guide and tell us how you would do it in detail? Post a link to it when you do.