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Ok i have had this issue as well this is what i have been told about the codes.
First i ordered the Delux Digital Download from Origin.
Second i went to my account and i entered the product key i was given.
(this is where Bioware/Origin messed up) that code was for the Early Game play which i paid 5$ for. Not for the game itself!!
My account does infact show that i have paid for the early invitation and i also have the Stone ingame item credited to my account. My account also shows that i own the Delux Edition.
Now lets talk about the "Steps" star wars is requires. This is where people are getting confused. I have Step One and Step Two complete. Step Three (this is where Bioware and Starwars is messing up! Its misleading in the extream!) This step tells people to participate in the early invitation this step must be complete and expects you to enter a product Code! (Let me also state i was on hold last night from 1am to 3:30 am to discuss with customer service that my code was telling me it was already redeemed! and i was concerned i wasnt going to get my early invitation)
Only for customer service to tell me they would be forwarding my complaint to a specialist and not to worry because it clearly states on my account that the preorder was in order!
I then recieved an Email from Star wars stating ...
That all steps 1-5 need to be completed to play on the 20th BUT NOT to participate in the prelaunch play time. That When i get my invitation to the prelaunch i should also recieve a new product Key.
Anyhow i hope this clears up some of the confusion. If they would simply have clarified that the code given to people was only the code for the "pre-Play" and in fact NOT your actual games product code. And if they would Amend the statement on Step 3 stating the code to complete this step will accompany the invitation to play .. there would be a lot less stress on customers as well as their poor employees! Okay hope this help ... and i truely hope im not still confused about how all this is "suposed" to be working!!