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01.22.2012 , 01:53 PM | #585
ok so i dont know a ton about computer hardware
i know im running an intel core i3 550 and an ATI radeon 5450 all in a cheap prebuilt machine from over a year ago
when i inquired about upgrading in my own thread here i was told to upgrade to a intel core i5 650 and a Geforce Gtx550

now i understand the GPU upgrade, however i did some looking into comparing the i3 550 and the i5 650 and they look nearly identical
is it worth the $200 to upgrade the PCU or should i put that into a better GPU and maybe come ram, and a new razer keyboard?

Now i am ONLY looking to play SWTOR on MAX settings in every possible way. i doubt i will be playing other games on here, and if i do want to in the future ill upgrade again or buy a whole new rig
any suggesting on getting the most out of this game?