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Thanks to Renegade for the effort, sadly it doesn't work for me. I did exactly as described, but it start my Need for Speed Launcher (which has a launcher.exe) too.
Don't know why, as I'm not VBS pro, so I can't get SWTOR Launcher to start.
My Game resides on D:\Star Wars\launcher.exe so maybe that is the reason.

Dear Devs,

please in one of your next updates, make sure it is possible to start the Game as "non steam" game. You should have an interest in this, as people will see their friends playing SWTOR - being motivated to join in as well.

Of course Steam will not have the main interest in implementing this, as it is not published by them, but as I see it, they are agnostic as long as you allow swtor to be started as a non steam game. Actually when I link the loader (launcher.exe) to my friends it seems I play for a sec swtor, then the launcher closes and I'm apparently not playing anything for the reasons stated by others already here. So please dear Devs, solve this for us

The mods didn't like my better solution so they deleted that thread. My Visual basic program wasn't the greatest. I spent most of my time fighting visual basic to do what I wanted it to do instead of figuring out the actual workaround haha.

But this thread isn't about my previous workarounds. This thread shows the devs exactly what is wrong and how simple the fix is.