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In my whole experience of playing mmorpgs, i have almost never seen devs actually fixing any faction unfairness. Most are set in stone in design. They don't care a damm if A skill is faster than B or A zone is easier than B zone. All these are on the LOWEST priority. Even bioware has said Project issue is on low priority which they will look into IN THE FUTURE.

Judging by the huge amt of bugs and improvements that need to be done in swtor, its going to be a long long wait.

All republic players should just quit and stop being the step child of bioware and playthings for the empire.
Back on the Project problem? >.< I infact love Project compared to lightning and try to compare the Trooper to the Bounty Hunter the Troopers Bomb thing is just like the Lightning while the Bounty hunters bomb is just like Project... I actually prefer my Project... it still hits within a second so I could care less if it's the last part of a second
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