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They aren't going to bother fixing people's preferences, or trying to force people to do something they don't want to.

I play Republic, and I'm glad. I wouldn't want to feel like I needed a bone tossed to me to compete with the enemy.
Its not just that, as a rep i feel like an add on, a last minute addition to swtor. From the imp storyline, armor, weapons, animations to the bugs that republic suffer atm. You can see bioware have spent alot more time making sure the imp side feel right and have trusted that the rep just falls into place

They havent given the love equally IMO when it comes to the appearance of endgame armors etc. But maybe it will be adjusted over time.

Until then ive stopped pvping WZ + ilum until i can enter without getting 1 shot by 2 week old battlemasters ^^
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