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01.21.2012 , 03:43 PM | #14
I actually suspected Quinn since I've got him as companion (as I did suspect who will be my last boss - which is pretty obvious given lore).
About killing him - I strongly believe you should have such an option. If you want to play a brainless monster - feel free to do so. In many, many quests you do have such an option, so why not where it actually does impact you.

I've played my toon as ruthless, ambitious, and arrogant, yet open minded, bit idealistic patriot. Actually very similiar, as it turned out, to Quinn. Usually showed mercy if something could be gained from it (Battle of Ilum as example). In the end I'd say I've got 50 light side for every 100-150 dark.

My character wouldn't want to kill Quinn as:
1. Suspected and understood his "treason" - which actually was just remaining loyal to his actual benefactor. A valuable treat once you make sure you ARE the benefactor (and after that you probably are).
2. As said previously, Quinn is extremely usefull TOOL.