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Journal Entry 3 - Politics and History

IR 1256, day 17

Political maneuvers disgust me profoundly, and yet I find myself enmeshed in innumerable schemes, plots, rivalries and hidden agendas. I hate being a piece maneuvered on a dejarik board by hands unknown or known, and I swear that I will master the game.

Even as they use me, I study those placed above and below me in the hierarchy, noting their strengths, weaknesses, and exploitable vulnerabilities. I keep these precious treasures locked up safely, brought out to mentally examine only when I am certain of my isolation and security; fitting each piece carefully within the immense jigsaw that is the Grand Plan. I am patient, and there are uncountable pieces to the Plan, but events are in motion. I will succeed, and I will discover all the pieces necessary for events to fall the way I have foreseen.

While on Korriban, my instructors called my fascination with the ancient Sith relics useless and weak. I did not correct their delusions. The past has much to teach us. The lessons learned and imparted by ancient Sith Lords can guide us to victory in the present, just as their animosities can instruct us in current machinations.

For instance, did you know that the ancient Lord of the Sith Zorid Maro (who directly preceded Marka Ragnos) was known as both a great scholar and a great warrior? During his younger years he devoted himself exclusively to martial prowess, becoming the deadliest warrior in the entire empire, and coming to rule by force of arms and strength of personality. He realized that he could not rule by main strength alone, and dedicated the rest of his life to ferreting out the secrets of his forefathers. It is believed that he had more than a dozen secret libraries scattered throughout the empire, and only nine have been discovered, two on Ziost, two on Korriban, one on Krayiss Two, one on Athiss, one on Rhelg, one on Begeren, and one on Korriz.

Many of these were looted by Sith Lords over the years seeking to increase their own power. But some were located and looted or destroyed by the hated Jedi during the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace War, which we would have won had the Sith been united by a single powerful leader. Instead, playing petty games of personal power instead of uniting against an external threat, Ludo Kressh destroyed the unity needed by the Sith in a time of crisis and demolished his rival Naga Sadowís defenses and fleet, practically giving the Jedi and their precious republic the victory. The fact that we Sith had never encountered the Republic in strength before does not matter. All that matters, eventually, is victory or defeat. The Sith of that time were defeated, ignominiously running away, scattering in all directions, including he who would one day become our emperor. The inescapable conclusion is that Ludo Kressh is to blame, may his name live in Infamy.

The idea that the Sith didnít have contact with the republic before the Daragon siblings is foolish and weakly minded scholarship. There were tramps and lost ships that wandered into the Stygian Caldera relatively frequently. However, as far as the Sith knew, there were no consistently navigable paths through the Caldera, so a journey in or out was a one way ticket for the ship. Those who came in became slaves. No one left.

The Daragonís arrival was immensely important because they forged a new stable hyperspace path into the caldera, freeing the Sith from their isolation. The resultant internecine squabbles and the Great Hyperspace War were the inevitable consequences of this discovery.

Through my research into ancient Sith Lords, I have uncovered their political machinations, their victories and successes. This is what I have learned:
  • To succeed I must be absolutely merciless.
  • This is a high stakes battle, as bloody as close quarters combat with vibroknives.
  • I must be devious, resourceful, and bold.
  • My judgment must be swift and sure.
  • I must command information that my allies and enemies do not possess, and go to any and all lengths to gain the information.
  • I cannot rely on natural talent or strength in the force, but must build a power base ― economic, military, bureaucratic, criminal, or all of the above.
  • I am safest when all of my enemies are dead, but then I must fear unknown enemies.

My new master is calling me now, I must respond. I shall take this up again later.
All warfare is based on deception.
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