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Well, I haven't been doing HM's for very long but I would say I've seen a total of 2 aim pieces... the rest were cunning, jug tank, or non-tank wis gear. Needless to say those quite a few runs geared everyone but me(assassin tank). I am taking this as, the loot tables are supposed to represent a percentage of the population, maybe?

Only guessing this because if I don't run into a bounty hunter, I run into a sniper, marauder, jugg tank, OR sorcerer. I've seen another assassin a total of once since early release on my server. And they weren't a tank. I'm not saying there aren't more but... hell if I found them.

I've seen mercenaries out the wazzoo though. I don't often group with them, downside. And powertechs less. Just luck of the draw usually, filled by time they wisp.
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