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01.21.2012 , 06:04 AM | #19
Hier einpaar meiner Lieblingszitate: (Manche gefallen mir persönlich einfach gut, andere sind wichtige Aussagen)

Anakin zu Padme:
"I want more, but I know I should."

"so have you, more beautiful I mean.... *blushing* for a Senator, I mean."

Darth Tyranus zu Obiw-Wan:
"Join me and together we can destroy the Sith"

"Commence Order 66"

Anakin zu Watto:
"I'm a Jedi" "A Jedi? Watta you know"

Mace Windu:
"We are keepers of the Peace, not Soldiers!"

Obi-Wan zu Luke:
"An elegant Weapon, for a more civilized day"

Han zu Leia:
"Who's scruffy looking?"

Zwischen Leia und Han:
"I love you." "I know."

Und natürlich C3-PO zu R2-D2:
"What do you mean "naked"? "Oh my Parts are showing?!"