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Some more worlds:

An aquatic planet in the Inner Rim, it was the homeworld of the Selkath and the source of the healing agent known as Kolto. It was once controlled by the Infinite Empire in which a star map was built deep underwater. The planet's largest settlement was Ahto City in which both the Republic and Empire sought to gain control.

Located within the Outer Rim and homeworld of the Rodians, it was a rainforested and industrialised planet. The planet's natives were known to be hostile and clan wars took place throughout its streets. Although neutral, the planet was at times under attack by the Sith whom hoped to stop the Republic's source of scouts and explorers.

Originally, Rodia was to be one of the featured worlds in the canceled "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3".

A humid jungle planet in the Inner Rim, it was the homeworld of the insectoid race known as the Vratix and it was also the source of most of the galaxy's bacta production. Because of its bacta production, the planet was key to the Republic's efforts.