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01.21.2012 , 12:15 AM | #4
Yeah something seems up...

Have lvl'd BH and Sorcerer to 50 and am now at lvl 44 with Marauder. Have been playing all pretty much identically in terms of quests, pvp and space missions; with BH and Marauder have been consistently 3-4 lvls above my progressed to content while with Sorcerer have always been right on lvl.

A bit weird, but not really an issue, you'll still hit 50 well before Illum.

Only disparity that annoyed me was the lack of dark/light side choices for Sorcerer. With BH I maxed out well before 50, about 150 points away with Marauder and only just starting Belsavis. But with Sorcerer am still 500ish short at Illum. This is with skipping most flashpoints and not having diplomacy.