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I'm not gunna lie, I will write a few endings that would have been better.

I mean you can't alienate us. Especially o nthe republic side. The last time they saw him he was all: 'Hey you did well, good work, I'mma go be a big hero some more.' Which is Revan all the way.

But by the time he appears to the empire, its like he doesn't care.

In all honesty, if he is dead, then someone screwed up. There's only two ways it should have gone.

1. He dies at the end of Revan.

I mean, I would've been fine with it if like, at the end of Revan, he gave the emperor some minor wound that inconvenienced him, but never really hurt him much, and in his last moments fell desperately trying to further defeat the empire. That's a way to go.

or 2.

They give him a role that actually involves him doing something.

Essentially, Revan's death was pointless. His obsession with the foundry was pointless. it all gets wiped out and might as well not have happened. He didn't sneak in: 'A shipment of powerful assassination droids have been shipped across the galaxy. In every nook and crevice, they will eliminate priority Imperial Targets, and work closer to eliminating the emperor himself.' In reality his plans a bit ridiculous to begin with.

And since we're having such a good time with comparing it with plays,

Let's mess with plays a bit.

I mean, Brutus and Cassius would rather impale themselves than be captured and subjected to Mark Antony's mostly irrational blind Rage. That Makes sense.

But over the course of the Foundry, Revan shows absolutely no shred of any form of common sense at all.

We have the dialogue option to pretty much say: 'Hey, We don't wanna do this, can we just, talk about this?'

I mean imagine, if at any point, Mark Antony had asked Brutus and Cassius about the situation, and then thought: 'Hmmm, Rallying a ferocious mob and killing people with remotely similar names as the culprits and starting a war all because one man was murdered (I.E., Because one was murdered, many must die) might not be the best idea!'

But regardless, Revan proceeds to throw himself at the strike team that, as I mentioned, Just literally wiped out all of Revans army, including his own assassin droid.

I find it peculiar Revan didn't even feel a remote twinge of fear.

The last time a droid of his was destroyed, he was trapped in stasis for 300 years.

Regardless, Revan, despite witnessing his entire army and assassin droid being systematically dismembered, and despite reaffirming that he has 'saved the Republic more than once' never seems to consider: 'Hmm. Perhaps me dieing here does not serve the galaxies best interests.'

I mean, I've mentioned it in regards to characters before, but In a different context, but I'll repeat it here:

'When writing a new addition to a character's story, its usually a good idea not to take a huge dump all over the things that make your character distinctive.'

In reality, anyone with a pencil could've found the script for that battle, rubbed out 'Revan'
and written in 'Darth Mcherp-a-derp, and no one would've been any the wiser.

Aside from HK 47, none of Revan's distinctive traits are there.

There's no strategy being employed. Droid's mill about pointlessly if only to provide enemies.

He doesn't even express anything that made him 'Revan'. He talks briefly about how he's found clarity in both the light or the dark, but as far as anyone who played throguh both sides at least once, but never KotOR would be concerned, He's just an imbecile who's relatively normal when he's congratulating you and suicidal the next.

I guess here's a good way of putting it. It's like, during the Malak fight in KotOR, Say Bastila hadn't gotten trapped on the ship, Malak didn't turn her, or you know ,just briefly disables her and then comes after, fighting and workig to truly kill Revan. Wounded and in need of time to recuperate, If the story were still to proceed, Revan would find a way to an escape pod yada yada, So on, So forth. The game would go on, eventually to the Star Forge battle, etc, etc.

Instead, Revan steadfastly decides :'NOPE. CAN'T RUN AWAY. GOTTA DO THIS NOW.' And Malak cuts him down, leaving the rest of the galaxy to sit and ponder why Revan didn't just take the extremely short amount of time it would've taken to step back, and set forth the motions that would've led to the battle aboard the Star Forge.