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01.20.2012 , 07:40 PM | #9
This fight is tricky but nowhere near impossible. I gear up our guild in here with people in greens - DPS isn't THAT important, just be smart.

We pull commander up on the balcony so minimize grenade damage to squishies and kill healer. Interrupt and she's a quick kill.

Then we switch to commander. His shield is NOT reflective. Don't listen to bads that think it is. Read the shield buff. It reduces your damage to him but also reduces his damage output. If you kill Massey first, his grenade is actually a PITA and the hardest thing about the fight.

Then kill Massey. As said above, her damage is pretty low.

If you think you're doing poorly enough to die after commander, just wipe I guess.

I'm heals and using this method I actually have time to assist with healer interrupts and some DPS.