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"Galaxy upon galaxy. Vast unexplored realms of space. It is a wild, untamed universe we live in. There is much danger here and therefore much need for armies, generals and soldiers. But along with those who wage war, there is also much need for those who explore new worlds and make possible the exchange of knowledge and goods -- who bring civilization."

- Mungo Baobab, Star Wars Droids: Treasure of the Hidden Planet

The Star Wars universe consists of billions of worlds and many of them known during the period which SWTOR is set (3,643 BBY - 3,641 BBY). There are plenty that would be great to freely explore whilst others might be ideal as flashpoints.

Discuss which worlds you'd like to see added in the future either in an update or expansion.

I, II, III, IV, V, VI - denotes the world appeared in one of the main films.
1 - denotes it was a featured world in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
2 - denotes it was a featured world in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
3 - denotes it was to be a featured world in the canceled Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3.
SWG - denotes it was a featured world in Star Wars Galaxies
TOR - denotes it was a featured world in one of the Star Wars: The Old Republic tie-in media: comics, novels, short stories, galactic timeline

Located in the Farstey sector of the Borderland Regions within the Expansion Region, it was the homeworld of the Alpheridians and the adopted homeworld of the Miraluka after their original planet became unstable circa 6,000 BBY. During the Great Sith War, the planet was invaded by the Mandalorians who were later driven off by the Republic. After the battle, the Jedi Order had established the Culu Memorial Center, named in honor of the Miraluka Jedi Shoaneb Culu, an academy to help train Force-sensitive inhabitants. Due to the system's red dwarf, the Miraluka quickly mutated becoming unable to process visible light waves but gained a stronger connection to "see" the Force. The planet's surface consisted of mountains, hills and plains and its native fauna included the Thizzle-bug.

A desert planet located in the Sevastol sector of the Mid Rim, it was the homeworld of the Carthasians. The Carthasians were often attacked by an insectoid-like species who sought to strike Carthas, the capital city. Their main place of worship was the Temple of Tet-Ami which was where a sacred orb known as the Orb of Pasage resided allowing anyone to be able to travel back in time to any random date. Circa. 4000 BBY, a Jedi referred to as Tet-Ami, the Time Guardian, mysteriously arrived using the orb and saved the Carthasians from the invaders. In his honor they built a statue in the temple which is where the orb sat. Since then, the Jedi have sought to protect the world and the temple until the day that Tet-Ami, also known as Mace Windu, would come to join the Jedi Order.

Bespin - V, VI
A gas giant located in the Anoat sector on the Ison Corridor in the Greater Javin region within the Outer Rim, it was first discovered years prior to the Mandalorian Wars by the Hyperspace Navigator's Guild. A tibanna gas operation was soon established by the planet Empress Teta and became a source of tibanna gas for the Galactic Republic. During the Mandalorian Wars, it was attacked by a fleet of Mandalorian warships hoping to cripple the Republic's supply. What has happened since then during the 400 years has yet to be shown.

An idustrial world loacted in the Outer Rim, it featured 10 huge spaceports and a massive industry involving strip mining and producing weapons, armor, consumer goods, foods and ships, some produced using heavy materials. The planet became highly polluted to which a weather station was built to help clean the air. Dozens of species from different worlds came here to work in its factories, the world itself ruled by various corporations and wealthy families. One of the planet's surving fauna was the Tortapo. The Bonadan Cough was a viral disease which originated here that gave its victim a hoarse cough and deep fatigue.

Bothawui - TOR
A lush and urban planet in the Bothan sector of the Mid Rim and the homeworld of the Bothans. The Bothans were well-known for their information and spy network where they looked into the activity of various enemies, factions, worlds and almost every corner of the galaxy. During the Great Galactic War, the Sith Empire attempted to conquer the world but were fought back by the Republic which initiated a major battle. The battle ended with a Republic victory but with major losses on both sides.

Boz Pity
A planet located within the Mid Rim of the Halla sector and just on the border of the Outer Rim, it was a terrestrial world and home to the giant Gargantelle species. Since its discovery by the Hutts between 15,000 and 9,000 BBY, they sought to control the Gargantelle race to use them as slaves, however all their attempts had been thwarted because of their large size. For years as well, both the Sith and the Hutts have battled to gain control of the planet. Numerous groups and factions have visited Boz Pity seeking to hunt and eradicate the Gargantelles, thus across the surface huge skeletons remain.

Brentaal 4
Also simply referred to as Brentaal, it was loacted in the Bormea sector of the Core Worlds and also one of the Core Founders of the Galactic Republic. A popular commerce hub, it was ruled by a group of noble families known as the Brentaal Houses. Many traders passed through here when travelling to the Colonies Region. Numerous industries were located here selling and producing various fine and exotic goods. The surface of the planet was covered in mountains and valleys where several urban areas sat whilst both sides of the globe were covered in ice caps. The planet was located on the Perlemian Trade Route and the Hydian Way, two major trade routes. The planet was also famous for being homeworld of Jedi Master Satele Shan.

Not to be confused with the Outer Rim world of the same name, Byss is a lush and fertile planet located in the Deep Core. A world of myth and once ruled by the Infinite Empire, it was a natural conduit of the Force and viewed as a legendary world of serene, paradisiacal natural beauty. After the colonization of the Republic, many structures were built over the ancient Rakatan ruins where many secrets lay hidden. The world became a paradise retreat away from most of the galaxy's conflicts and considered to be the perfect place to live.

Cato Neimoidia - III
A planet located in the Colonies, it was one of the Neimoidian colony and purse worlds. Only the richest could take up residence. All the cities were built atop bridges which sat along long rock arches high above the clouds. The world was also very rich in ore which many organizations and crime lords held a share in mining. From the cities high above, it was a very long drop down to the surface where heaps of forests were located rich in flora and some notable fauna.

A lush green world in the Core Worlds, one of the Core Founders of the Galactic Republic and a world rich in politics. All of its citizens were heavily involved in the debates presented. Lush wide plains stretched across the world and huge crystal caverns could be found scattered across the surface and even hidden Jedi temples.

Located in the Rachuk sector of the Colonies region, it was colonized by sleeper ships and had been a long serving member of the Galactic Republic since approx. between 25,000 BBY to 22,000 BBY. The planet's terrain consisted of mountains, oceans, deserts and canyons and was a thriving trading outpost, known for its gemstones and delicacies. Although a member of the Republic, it was previously for sometime independent. The planet sat on a number of trade routes which include the Commenor Run, Quellor Run and Trellen Trade Route.

A frozen planet located in the Csilla system within the Unknown Regions, it was the homeworld of the Chiss. Prior to the Cold War, the Sith Empire negotiated with the Chiss Ascendancy to provide resources and armies in the effort of defeating the Republic.

Also known as Mon Calamari, was an acquatic planet and homeworld of the Mon Calamari, Quarren and the intelligent Whaladons. A member of the Republic, for a while civil war had broken out between the Mon Calamari and Quarren people. Prior to their discovery by the Republic, its inhabitants were already exploring nearby star systems and the world was also home to major ship construction facilities and pod racing circuits.

Dagobah - III, V, VI
A remote world located in the Outer Rim, Dagobah's terrain primarily consisted of dense jungles and swamps and was the homeworld of the Hepsalum Tash, a peaceful species who could grow up to 8 meters tall although were reclusive. It consisted of a multitude of fauna and flora, many of which were dangerous such as the Swamp slug, Dragonsnake and Knobby white spider. The Bogwing and Sleen, two creatures native to Dagobah, have been introduced to Taris, Belsavis and Dromund Kaas. Research teams would come here to study the environment and on some occasions, ships would crash here becoming stranded leading to the crew either dying or resorting to cannibalism.

Dantooine - 1, 2, SWG, TOR
A lush green world of the Outer Rim, Dantooine was known for its farming and mining operations, plus the location of a Jedi enclave which was later restored after having been destroyed by Darth Malak. It was also one of the worlds once controlled by the Infinite Empire and the location of a star map. Its native species were the primitive Dantari who to some were considered endangered.

Dathomir - SWG
A planet in the Outer rim and once controlled by the Infinite Empire. It was the location of the Infinity Gates, structures built by the Kwa used for interstellar transportation which could also be used as super weapons. The surface was covered in jungle savannas and was also home to the dreaded Rancor beasts. Tribes of humans and other lifeforms, notably Zabrak and Rattataki, lived on the world.

A planet in the Dellalt system of the Tion Hegemony within the Outer Rim, it was the homeworld of the Dellaltians, also referred to as the Swimming People of Dellalt or Swimmers. Mostly covered in water, three continents existed consisting of mountain ranges and plains. Once controlled by Xim the Despot, cities of his once vast empire sit in ruins as defense installations, monorails and water and sewage treatment plants crumble away. The descendants of Xim's empire referred to as the Survivors are the result of generations of inbreeding. Vaults containing Xim's treasures lay hidden deep below as dummy vaults sit above. Offworlders come to the world seeking to establish mining camps, however most attempts are stopped by the Survivors and the thousands of Xim war droids which are kept in operation. The Dellaltians offer their services to visitors to ferry them across lakes or haul cargo.

Dxun - 2
Also referred to as the Demon Moon was one of four moons of the planet Onderon. It was here the tomb of Freedon Nadd was relocated and also became a staging ground for the Mandalorians. Many Republic soldiers have died here fighting the Mandalorians, and many have perished from attacks by the many wild beats which inhabit the moon.

Empress Teta - TOR
Formerly known as Koros Major, Koros and Cinnagar and located in the Deep Core; it was once a city wide planet much like Coruscant until it was attacked by the Sith during the Great Hyperspace War. However unlike Taris, the planet wasn't completely devastated and was able to quickly rebuild. The planet was a rich source of carbonite ore which became a prominent source for the Galactic Republic. Its terrain consisted of forests, plains and mountains however most of it was urban.

Endor - VI, SWG
The forest moon of the gas giant 'Endor', it was home to various races including the native Ewoks, Duloks and Gorax. Many people and species on the moon were descended from numerous shipwrecks over the years. Many secrets and legends lay hidden and few knew of their existence such as the sunstars, shadowstones, the Night Spirit, the Tree of Light and the sentient Mount Sorrow. Few years prior to the events of "Star Wars: the Old Republic", the Republic had built a secret bio-lab on the moon where various biological experiments were conducted.

A planet located in the Seswenna sector within the Outer Rim, it was an active trading port and sat on the intersection of a number of trade routes including the Hydian Way, Rimma Trade Route, Lipsec Run and Yankirk Route. The planet became heavily polluted because of its industries.

Felucia - III
A fungus-covered jungle planet within the Outer Rim, it was colonized by the Gossams around 27,000 BBY and later conquered by Xim the Despot. For years the world would become an exotic retreat, generally for the Gossams as well as other species. Over the years many creatures have been immigrated to Felucia including rancors and sarlaccs. The planet was also native to the sentient Felucians, reptiles which were comprised of tall force-sensitives who lived in the jungles and smaller ones who operated farming settlements.

One of two moons of the gas giant Zhar in the Cadavine sector of the Outer Rim, it featured a rocky surface featuring numerous and extensively long canyons. Used as a repair and supply depot for ships, it was also the location of enclaves where troops and mercenaries were trained. Smugglers would often hide in the canyons hoping to lose their followers. Consisting of a small population of humans and various other sentient species, one of the world's native creatures were the dangerous insectoid-like Tripion.

Located in the Galov sector of the Outer Rim, it was the homeworld of the Gamorreans. Many travellers and off-worlders were recommended not to come here due to the brutish lifestyle of its sentient species. The Gamorreans would often fight between each other and many cities were controlled by different clans. Crime lords would come here looking for soldiers and mercenaries to join their underworld which the Gamorreans were a perfect choice. Any sort of dangerous sport could be found here such as gladitorial fights and pod/swoop racing. Gamorr's surface was covered in jungles, forests, mounains, plains and tundras; and a mobile mushroom known as the Snoruuk was found here which the Gamorreans would farm and herd.

A gas giant located in the Cularin system within the Expansion region, and one of the few colonized gas giants during this period. Prior to the events of TOR, a group of Imperial soldiers known as the Bane Brigade and their Sith commanders purged a Jedi enclave here.

Geonosis - II, TOR
A barren rocky planet and homeworld of the Geonosians, during the events of "Star Wars: the Old Republic" it was most famous for its gladitorial battles which both the Republic and Empire had gained interest in. The Republic saw the planet as a possible stronghold and the Empire posed its members as sponsors and gladiators.

The Home
A large iron asteroid located in the MZX32905 system of the Outer Rim, it was once colonized by the Jonex mining corporation. A mine was established here designated as Jonex Mine Eight Eleven B deep beneath its surface. The asteroid was once home to an advanced civilization of mynock-like sapients who were strong with the dark side however under unknown circumstances became extinct. Force-sensitive miners became crazed and reports of strange sightings occured. Some started to believe they were the species of mynocks which used to reside. The operation was eventually shut down, however the administrator of the mine having embraced the dark energy returned to the asteroid to whom he was now known as Darth Vectivus. The Sith Lord had built a large mansion deep within its core and lived here till the day he passed away. He left holocrons behind of his teachings as well as his philosophy on business practices. Hundreds of Phantoms created by Vectivus, through the power of the dark side, roamed the asteroid with eached linked to the other.

The legenday planet of a thousand moons, it was located within the Outer Rim and once conquered by Xim the Despot. Numerous attempts at colonizing the planet were made with a number of settlements scattered across the surface, it was known for many myths and legends which resided on its many moons as well as the planet itself. Spice became a leading export and numerous creatures lived both underground and on the surface.

Kalakar 6
A volcanic moon of Dromund Kalakar located within the Dromund system, it was a hideout for Sith cults and dark Jedi prophets. Experiements and rituals were often conducted here in order to create hideous monsters and revive fellow Sith warriors.

The sixth planet of the Tython system, the same system of the Jedi homeworld of Tython, was a cosmopolitan world and the first to be colonized after the arrival of settlers on Tython. Its surface featured wide valleys, underground lakes and cities of tall metal spires. It was also the business and religious hub of the system.

Kamino - II
An oceanic and stormy world located in Wild Space, it was the homeworld of the Kaminoans. After the devastation of Ossus, many Jedi artifacts were hidden here to be protected from the Sith. After the Jedi Civil War, much of its technology was sold offworld throughout the galaxy. For a while the planet remained secluded and only the Republic knew of its whereabouts.

Kashyyyk - III, 1, SWG
A forest world located in the Mid Rim and homeworld of the Wookiees, it was once controlled by the Infinite Empire and now a member of the Galactic Republic. For years the native Wookiees have fought for control against Czerka and the Trandoshans. Down below in the depths of the jungle, many predators lurk within the Shadowlands including Gorryl slugs, Kinrath and the dangerous Katarn. Apart from the dangerous fauna, there were also some non-hostile creatures such as the Kybuck, Tach and Kashyyyk bantha.

Keeper's World
A planet located in the Sprizen sector within the Outer Rim, it had no official name other than being referred to as the 'Keeper's World'. A terrestrial planet which was visited by Luke, Leia, R2 and C-3PO shortly after the Battle of Yavin; it was called 'Keeper's World' after an artificial intelligence which resided on the planet, built by an ancient civilization to help preserve the world from a galaxy-wide war which previously occurred so when they would return, the planet would still be as they'd left it. The Keeper created androids which resembled the planet's species to help maintain it.

This war which is mentioned has never been specified, whether who it was agaianst or when it took place remains unknown. It's possible this could be before the creation of the Galactic Republic, during the reign of the Rakata, part of Xim the Despot's conquests, the Great Hyperspace War or even the Sith Wars.

Suggestion: It would be perfect as a flashpoint world.

Once known as Xo's Eye during Xim the Despot's reign, was a planet in the Kessel system of the Outer Rim. Both a prison and mining world, it featured the galaxy's largest and only Glitterstim spice mining operation. The prisons were controlled by the Colicoids and species from all over the galaxy worked here to mine the spice, Glitterstim, a valuable drug used for both therapeutic and recreational purposes. Kessel's main capital was Kessendra, which featured Kessendra Stadium, Spice Mines Avenue, and Slave Lord Boulevard. The planet featured a number of fauna which included the Energy Spider, Taras-chi and Bogey. Ancient machinery lay hidden deep below supposably created by the Celestials.

Khar Delba
An icy, snowy planet located in the Sith Worls, within the Outer Rim, it was once ruled by the Sith King Adas and later by the Dark Lord Naga Sadow. Sadow established a fortress on the world which served as a fake, whilst his real fortress was located on the planet's moon. The planet's surface was covered in craters and mountains, and it was the homeworld of the Sith war behemoth and the Sith warbird, and was also inhabited by the Sith Pureblood, and Massassi warriors that served Sadow. After the Sith Lord Ludo Kressh bombarded the planet and damaged Sadow's fortress, Sadow had it rebuilt. During the Galactic War, Darth Marr had a fleet stationed here.

Khar Shian
An icy, rocky world and the only moon of the planet Khar Delba, it was once the center of power of the Sith Lord Naga Sadow, and the location of his palace, with a decoy one set-up on Khar Delba. Sadow's followers inhabited the moon, many which were Sith Pureblood and Massassi warriors. Much of Sadow's war fleet were also stationed here.

Lok - SWG
A barren and dusty world located in the Karthakk system within the Outer Rim. The world was also home to gangs of pirates, mercenaries and anyone defecting from either the Republic or the Empire. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, thousands of years after the events of TOR, the world featured many ancient ruins across its surface including one known as the Great Maze of Lok which its history remains unknown.

Lotho Minor
Located in the Outer Rim, it is completely covered in junk from other planets. On some occasions its atmosphere would produce acid rain and giant droids known as fire breathers roamed the surface. The native species of the world known as Junkers scavenge the wrecks and piles available and some were known to be hostile towards outsiders.

M4-78 - 2
An industrial planet located within the Inner Rim, the world was completely colonized by droids who were sent here to develop its resources for the planned arrival of its creators. However the planet was eventually discovered by the Sith who claimed to be the ones the droids were waiting for. Because of this, the droids obeyed the will of the Sith and were even ordered to produce armies of droids for an eventual attack on the Jedi and the Republic.

Commentary: Originally, M4-78 was to be one of the featured worlds in "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords".

Malachor 5 - 2, TOR
A desolate world in the Chorlian sector of the Outer Rim, it was here Revan killed Mandalore the Ultimate and the final battle of the Mandalorian Wars. Eventually the planet was completely destroyed with the use of a mass shadow which was activitated by Meetra Surik and her companions. It boded a strong presence of the Dark side and even hundreds of years after its destruction it became a significant location to the Sith.

Suggestion: It'd be ideal as an explorable space area or flashpoint.

Mandalore - 3
A terrestrial planet within the Outer Rim, it was controlled by the Taung after colonizing Roon. The planet became the home of the Mandalorians which most returned to after the Mandalorian Wars. The surface consisted of jungles, forests, deserts, grassy plains and seas as well as a number of valuable ores used in the construction of armor and weapons.

Mustafar - III, SWG
A volcanic planet in the Outer Rim, approx two thousand years before the Cold War the planet used to be a lush green world and the location of a Jedi enclave. However when the resurgent Sith came, a climactic war started between them and the Jedi causing a nearby gas giant pulled by the force which brought a shift to the planet and thus making it the volcanic world it is. Many secrets and unique items were lost on the planet and ruins are found scattered across the surface. The planet was also known for its mining operations and home to the tall and short Mustafarians.

Mygeeto - III
A world located in the Albarrio sector within the Outer Rim, it was a mineral rich planet controlled by the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Its sentient species, the Lurmens, were treated as slaves by the Muuns and some moved offworld to live elsewhere. It was once under the control of the Infinite Empire and later by Smugglers, the Hutts and the Neimoidians until the Muuns were able to take over. The Jedi have wanted to explore the planet to discover crystals which could be used by them however most attempts have been stopped by the Banking Clan. Because of attempts by different factions to seize control of the world, the Banking Clan have blockaded the planet from any attack and to protect their interests.

A forested planet in the Myrkr system within the Inner Rim, it was the original homeworld of the Neti who, under unknown circumstances, had left to colonize the planet Ryyk. A very force sensitive world, it was the home of the Ysalamir, lizards who could repel the Force by creating a Force-neutral bubble; and the Vornskr, canine beasts which could hunt using the Force. Many individuals came here seeking Ysalamiri as pets so to help protect them from both Jedi and Sith attacks. During the Mandalorian wars, the planet was the site of a battle between the Mandalorians and the Republic, which the Mandalorians had won.

Naboo - I, II, III, VI, SWG
Around 3,951 BBY, prior to the end of the Sith Civil War, the planet was first discovered and colonised by settlers from the Core World of 'Grizmallt'. Between then and up to the events of TOR, Naboo was known for its big game hunting. In addition, civil war had broken out between those settled in the grass plains and those in the mountains as well as tension between the Humans and Gungans. The planet's outer core consisted primarily of plasma, highly used as a source of energy for weapons, which the humans, Gungans and Republic sought to take control of and mine.

Originally known as Dahrtag, it was a burial world located within the Core Worlds. Many species came here to bury their dead and others came to conduct experiments on these bodies. Very little fauna and flora existed which included the Boneworms, creatures which fed on the recently deceased and any fallen bodies; and Cryptberries, fruit which was poisonous to most sentient species. The world's citizens were afraid of the creatures and visitors which arrived.

Onderon - 2, TOR
A temperate world located within the Inner Rim, it had a long history of civil wars. Its main capital was Iziz, a large walled city where most of the population resided. It was the location of the Beast Wars and conquered by the Sith Lord Freedon Nadd. The throne has been at times contested however this has been resolved by the Jedi in the past. Cultists known as Naddists live on the world who follow the teachings of Freedon Nadd. The rest of the surface was covered in jungles and plains where many creatures lived and secret lay hidden.

Ossus - TOR
Originally known as Idux during Xim the Despot's reign, it was a planet located within the Auril sector of the Outer Rim. Once a prominent Jedi world, it became both a place for Jedi to learn the ways of the force after Tython and a fortress world to protect the Core worlds from the Tion Cluster and Hutt space. During the Great Sith War, Exar Kun attacked the world and detonated the stars of the Cron Cluster, causing a deadly shockwave which devastated the world. The surface is covered in ruins with Jedi artifacts scattered across the world. The Jedi survivors left behind had evolved into the Ysanna, a tribal society of Force-sensitives. Ood Bnar, a Neti Jedi Master, stayed behind on the world protecting the Jedi artifacts, keeping them hidden from the Sith.

Orvax 4
A planet in the Savareen sector of the Outer Rim, it was colonized by the violent and brutish T'surr. The planet became a central slave world where slaves of all different species could be bought and sold here. Whilst not a city wide planet, it did feature some wide city landscapes with a couple tall buildings. Structures of different alien and cultural designs were found here where the wealthy slave lords resided whilst the hundreds of slaves were kept in the dungeons below.

Peragus 2 - 2
A planet located in the Xappyh sector of the Outer Rim, it was a primary source for low-grade engine fuel. The planet's core was exposed due to a blaster shot which triggered an explosion. A mining facility was also set-up, however it was destroyed after a confrontation between the Jedi Exile Meetra Surik and Darth Sion. What has happened since then remains to be explored.

Suggestion: It'd be ideal as an explorable space area or flashpoint.

A planet in the Tē/5/Zero Quadrant in the Seswenna sector of the Outer Rim, it was inhabited by Humans and the homeworld of the wealthy and influental Motti family. Long standing members of the Galactic Republic, the Motti family gained their fortune in the Megonite moss mining industry on the world. To increase their profits, the family employed slaves which due to their ties with the Republic, were never convicted for. Members of the family became key figures in both the military and navy.

A Core World located in the Darpa sector and sat on the border between the Core and Colonies, it was best known for its banking industry. Although a member of the Galactic Republic, it remained neutral allowing investors from all over the galaxy to make use of its services. The planet was also known for its farming communities and medical services. Many organizations and groups had strongholds on the planet including various criminals, gangsters and even Black Sun.

Resh 9376
A comet located in the Nuiri sector within the Outer Rim, it was first discovered around 25,000 BBY by explorers from Corellia however it was forgotten for 200 years until its rediscovery. Upon its rediscovery, it was settled by pirates who set-up a base of operations until they mutinied against their leader Salovan Fische and marooned him on the comet. The rock was eventually taken over by the Hutts 100 years later who turned it into a shadowport called Point Nadir. The comet consisted of various ores, gypsum and granite and was home to the Nadir spiders.

Rhen Var - TOR
A snow covered world in the Thanium Sector within the Outer Rim, it was here after the Great Sith War that fallen Jedi turned Sith Lord Ulic Qel-Droma sought refuge and where his tomb is located. Once a lush green world, it has become uninhabitable and ruins are scattered across the surface from past civilizations and Jedi. It has been under control by numerous factions including the Infinite Empire, Xim the Despot, the Republic and Revan's Sith Empire. Solari crystals, which were both rare and very powerful, could be found here and used by Jedi and Sith for their lightsabers. Prior to the Cold War, Satele Shan and some Republic troops fought Darth Mekhis and her Sith soldiers who had set up a fortress in the mountains.

Rodia - 3
Located within the Outer Rim and homeworld of the Rodians, it was a rainforested and industrialised planet. The planet's natives were known to be hostile and clan wars took place throughout its streets. Although neutral, the planet was at times under attack by the Sith whom hoped to stop the Republic's source of scouts and explorers.

A terrestrial planet in the Roon system within the Outer Rim, it consisted of wide plains, frozen mountains, bogs and oceans. The planet is hard to reach because of the dust cloud known as the 'Cloak of the Sith', unless the right navigational route was known. After driven off 'Coruscant', the Taung (the original Mandalorians as you could call them) had come to Roon which they lived there until colonising 'Mandalore'.

Observation: It's possible during the events of TOR, some Taung could still exist on the world but like the Sith Pureblood, very few remain.

A harsh, rocky planet in the Gaulus sector of the Outer Rim and the homeworld of the Twi'leks. The world was known for its illegal buisness operations, mainly slave trading which the local populace were affected by. People travelled here either to be entertained by the Twi'leks or to deal some sort of underground transaction such as the drug Ryll which was found here. The planet had some natural wonders and many dangerous fauna such as the Lylek which resembled the Sand Demon of Tatooine. One side of the planet was in permanent night which was known as the Nightlands.

Saleucami - III
An arid planet in the Sulorine sector of the Outer Rim, it was first colonized by Wroonians in 6,100 BBY. Plant growth was scattered across the surface and found within various oases as well as the various settlements. Numerous other species came to settle here establishing buisnesses and farms. During the night, the planet remained warm due to the geothermal vents from the craters which was where settlements were established. Because of its climate, it became a tourist destination and also a major exporter of technology, botanicals and medicines.

A volcanic planet in the Tammuz sector within the Outer Rim, the surface of the planet included many ancient ruins presumably created by the world's former sentient race. As well as having an icy core, the planet included multiple mining operations.

Sleheyron - 1
An urban industrial planet controlled by the Hutts and a former Rakata world, it was one of the Hutt's most important worlds featuring a large economy based on tibanna gas refinement and slave trade. It was one of the Hutt's "treasure worlds" where only the most trusted slaves were brought along. The Hutt's had exported tibanna gas shipments to many factions, including the Republic.

A volcanic planet in the Sullust system within the Outer Rim, it was the homeworld of Sullustans and the conjuncture of the Rimma Trade Route and the Silvestri Trace. A member of the Galactic Republic, it was a source of rich minerals as well the loaction of the SoroSuub Corporation. Most of its inhabitants reside underground due to the toxic atmosphere on the surface.

Taloraan - 3
Located in the Expansion region of the Kelavine sector, it was one of the few known colonised Gas giants during the time of the Old Republic and around the Cold War.

Talus - SWG
The sister planet of Tralus and located in the Corellian system within the Core worlds, its surface contained many secrets and supposably a planetary repuslor was buried somewhere deep below. It was a temperate world similar to Corellia and a member of the Galactic Republic.

An ocean-covered world in the Arkanis sector located within the Outer Rim, it was home to many giant sea creatures and dozens of pirates and outlaws. Huge rock structures and mountain ranges rise from the depths where most pirate bases were located within the grottos.

Telos 4 - 2, TOR
A temperate world located in the Telos system within the Outer Rim, its surface was devasted after the Jedi Civil War by Darth Malak, forcing its population to move to Citidal Station, an oribital space station high above the planet's surface. Plans went ahead in restoring the plane'ts ecosystem so life would once grow again with help from the Ithorians. Telos IV was also the location of a hidden Jedi enclave which was loacted in an abandoned Polar Irrigation System central hub.

A semi-arid planet located in the Esstran sector of the Outer Rim, it was part of Xim the Despot's Empire and eventually a Sith World after the Great Hyperspace War. The Sith had built temples, academies and strongholds here and after the Great Sith War, the Dark Reaper, a massive superweapon, was buried under its surface with its parts scattered across different worlds in hope it would never be used again. The planet would become part of Darth Revan's Sith Empire as well.

A humid jungle planet in the Inner Rim, it was the homeworld of the insectoid race known as the Vratix and it was also the source of most of the galaxy's bacta production. Because of its bacta production, the planet was key to the Republic's efforts.

Tyne's Horky
An ore-rich mining planet in the Teraab sector within the Mid Rim, it was a primary source of Nergon-14, a volatile mineral used in the production of proton torpedos. Although nowhere near Hutt space, some Hutts had a number of holdings here who were able to profit from it.

Sometimes referred to as the "Shadow World", it was located in the Ghost Nebula of the Expansion Region and the homeworld of the Umbarans. The planet's surface was covered in perpetual darkness due to the sun's rays unable to penetrate through the nebula. Light was emitted by both technology and the local flora. The Umbaran's produced some unique technology including ships, walkers, weapons and special armor. The fauna was quite hostile which included the flying predator Banshee and plant-like Vixus.

Utapau - III
An arid sinkhole world in the Tarabba sector of the Outer Rim, it was the homeworld of the Pau'an and Utai species and also the Varactyl beast. The planet's population lived in the various sinkholes along the inner caves and cliffs. Pirates, criminals and factions would have storehouses and outposts on the world, hidden deep within the sinkholes and caves. On some occasions, the caves would tend to give way as the sinkholes would shift so most items and locations would remain buried or hidden. The world was known for its manufacture of ships that were sold to different groups having not joined either the Republic or Sith.

The original homeworld of the Hutts, it was devasted after one of its two Suns was consumed by a black hole which led to the other expelling a gas which devastated the atmosphere. Although not destroyed, all life was wiped out which led to the Hutts colonising Hutta. The Hutts still saw the planet as a sacred place and held blockades forbidding any ship from entering its space.

Suggestion: This would be perfect as a possible space mission area.

A planet in the Unknown regions, it was first discovered by Czerka whom then sold the world to Vekanda Leisure Colonies. The company built tourist centers for the rich to relax and hunt but eventually the company fell into financial difficulties and abandoned the planet. Later a Dynamic-class freighter (the same class as the Ebon Hawk) crash landed on the world carrying the mask of Darth Nihilus.

Suggestion: The planet would be perfect as either a flashpoint, PvP or fully explorable world.

Yavin 8
The eighth moon of the gas giant Yavin, a dry and cold world and the homeworld of the Melodies, sentient humanoids who evolved into mermaids, and another unamed sentient bipedal species. When the Sith Lord Exar Kun gained control of the Massassi and imprisoned their children in a device known as the Golden Globe, some of the Massassi fled to Yavin 8 seeking help to free their children from the Sith Lord's device. They left carvings and messages behind on the world hoping someone would be able to help but were unsuccessful. The moon's native fauna included the Ropedancers, Avril, Reel, Raith and Purella.

A planet in the Zaloriis system within the Expansion Region, it was a barren rocky planet first colonized by settlers from Fondor. A minor industry was set-up here building machines for the Galactic Republic. The surface was sometimes struck by harsh winds, however the main population were mostly protected by the Fantain Mountains, a long collection of mountains. The natives told of legends where travellers would often explore the wastes only to be captured by dune ghosts and never seen again. The planet included a number of fauna such as the rock-lion, a creature similar to the tusk cats on Naboo.

Other potential worlds
The following are also potential candidates to become explorable and will be further expanded upon in this thread in the future.
*Haruun Kal
*Vo Dasha

Doesn't the world have to benefit either the Galactic Republic or Sith Empire to be available to visit?
Not necessarily. One aspect of the Star Wars universe is exploring new and different worlds whether they're uninhabited or feature small communities. A character could go there simply for hunting new and strong mobs, finding different unique items and treasures or helping the locals with various missions. The world could benefit your class or story whether you want to be a Jedi who's in exile, a Smuggler who's hunting for treasure or a Bounty Hunter pursuing a bounty. The possibilities are endless.

If the world features no star ports or oribital stations, wouldn't adding one just to visit the world ruin the immersion and interfere with the lore?
The world doesn't need a star port or orbital station in order to land there. In various Star Wars media, you see starships landing on the outskirts of a town, somewhere in a canyon, or even in a wide open clearing, which could be done. You could also simply have a shuttle or a beacon from where you arrive and embark from like on Oricon, Manaan or Rishi.

If the world features only small communities or is uninhabited, won't seeing over a dozen players everywhere ruin the immersion?
Probably, but those other players you see are non-canonical. Alternatively, the world could be instanced just for you and only players who you've invited or are in your party/operation/guild can appear alongside. The amount of players seen could also be put into different instances.

Also, James Ohlen has started a thread asking for feedback on pontential worlds for the game: