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I have been leveling a sith inquisitor with my boyfriend's sith warrior. We are level 35 but he is about 100k XP ahead of me now. Since we left Korriban, we have been playing together, both logging out in Cantinas, and logging out in cantinas. We normally do our class quests together, only occassionally seperating. He has been on one side quest for Vette (worth about 9k XP) and I haven't been on any companion quests- but have gained some XP from conversations with them.

Up until recently, there was a difference in our XP, but it was less noticable (Around 20k-ish), but especially since the end of chapter one, the difference has been getting noticably larger.

So why is he so far ahead of me?

Is anyone else having this problem? I can only assume he gets more bonuses in his class quests than me, and perhaps gets a bit more XP from the quests. So which classes are best and worst for XP from class quests?