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There are a lot of good arguments for and against the rule of two. The problem is the arguments against the rule of two are all things Bane addresses as he creates it. He knew there would be other apprentices brought into the Sith but ultimately it would come down to two in the end always.

It was the only way, like above posters have said, that the Sith would grow stronger and their strength would not be diluted. I think once Darth Sidious became Emperor is when the rule of two started becoming corrupted. The Separatist movement and the Clone Wars to the Jedi Purge spanned a total of 14 years at least. During that time Darth Sidious has 3 apprentices, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and finally Darth Vader.

Now one can argue Sidious was following the rule of two to the dot. He saw each of his apprentices were unworthy of the title Dark Lord of the Sith and was grooming another until his current apprentice ultimately failed. Then he just replaced them like he did with Anakin and Dooku.

Now it is during his reign he becomes corrupt. He no longer finds the need for a suitable apprentice to replace him. He just wants one to be his right hand, his tool. He starts cloning himself and is set on using the dark ritual of "Essence Transfer" to keep himself immortal. No he doesn't want Luke to join the Dark side to eventually kill him and take over his Empire. He wants Luke as a tool that he can discard when he gets too powerful. Vader on the other hand does not adhere to the rule of two at all. He wants to use Luke in taking power from the Emperor since he can not do it himself.

So what starts out as a "perfect" rule gets corrupted and twisted in the end like all things do under the influence of the Darkside.