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It's ok, no matter who they believe, you and I know the truth.
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Not saying you guys are lying, but I would recommend documenting it properly in the future.
Holy crap did I just look into a mirror? I feel like I just said both of those things last week, probably because I did. Coincidence?

- Let's be real. I couldn't care less about either guild involved, but when I try to check the forums, there is constant bickering and fighting about stuff that doesn't even matter. Neither guild can prove anything other than they killed the boss. No US Firsts. No World Firsts. Just a kill. So now its time for someone who has really raided at a top level in the past to step in and give some opinion on the matter. Hopefully this helps.

I feel bad for anyone who is on this server. This is not how normal progression guilds act and react towards each other. Unfortunately, there isn't much else to do on these forums except complain and fight, because they aren't really designed for anything else.

Just imagine if you were a new member coming to these forums and saw this happening. Guilds fighting with each other over something they can't prove, guilds lying about where their membership came from in past games, ex-guild members starting fights because they are upset they got kicked out. Its no wonder things are getting as bad as they are.

Instead of fighting, why don't you guys do what the rest of the progression guilds are doing? Put your heads together, give feedback to BioWare, and to the community. Don't let this game you waited to play for so long fall apart because of ridiculous circumstances. Work to better it, build it, and help it flourish.With the proper feedback, maybe content WILL get harder instead of easier. Maybe things like guild banks, more flashpoints, more open world pvp will get better. We can do more for this game working together, than we can fighting all the time with each other.